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Working with a Recruiter

What do you do when a recruiter calls? Take it! How you handle the ensuing call could greatly energize your career prospects.  

Recruiters earn their money from the companies who hire them for placement service. But don’t think a good recruiter is only looking out for their Client. Recruiters give guarantees for their placements and are working to build lasting relationships with their Clients. It would be a costly mistake for a recruiting firm to put a candidate into a position that is not a good or long-term fit. It can ruin an opportunity for the recruiter to work with that company again and will be a negative mark on their reputation.

Recruiters find most of their candidates via networking. If a recruiter asks for names of others that may be qualified, please think about who you might know. A recruiter’s success comes from talking with other people in the industry. Someone may get a great job because of you.


  • Return recruiters phone messages even if you are not currently in the market for a change.

  • If you are interested in another opportunity provide the recruiter with your current and accurate resume.

  • Supply a recruiter with the best method to communicate with you, so when the right opportunity arises they can contact you.

  • Be honest.

  • Inform recruiters of the companies you have already applied to.



  • Don’t have a recruiter set up an outside interview for you if you have no intention of leaving your current position

  • Don’t mislead a recruiter about your level of interest in a position.

  • Don’t be coy about your W-2. Holding back your W-2 tells your recruiter that you’re not being honest about your income level.

  • Don’t tell a recruiter you are willing to relocate if you are not.

  • Don’t be intimidated by a recruiter, he or she has a job to do, find and screen potential candidates.

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