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PRS is headquartered in beautiful Southwestern Michigan. Our partnership specializes in recruiting professionals in the fields of design, engineering, manufacturing and sales. We conduct executive search and selection for clients around the globe. We offer retained, contingency, or large-scale search solutions to our clients. We believe our experience, solid techniques and access to the largest network of industry contacts are fundamental to our success.

We offer nearly 20 years of experience recruiting for all size companies in a variety of industries. Much of our effectiveness is due to our consultants’ unique abilities to use both modern and traditional searching techniques to reach the most qualified candidates. Our efforts to build lasting relationships with each of our clients has lead to our success.

Lyn Hutchison

“The achievement of your goal is assured the moment you commit yourself to it. The challenge of the search is what I thrive on.”

As the principal at Prime Recruiting Solutions, LLC, Lyn draws on her extensive experience in research and information technology to bring clients the most qualified candidates. Her creativity and innovative thinking complement her abilities in analysis and selection. High standards and thoroughness ensure only the most qualified candidates will be presented to the client.

Lyn believes building strong relationships is the key to successful placements. “We must take the time to understand each position completely or it will be impossible to select a successful candidate for the organization.”

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